Docventures is a transmedia phenomenon and an engaging Social Television format that curates and introduces hardcore factual content to the big audience.

Docventures initiates meaningful public conversations about topics that matter. The show has curious journalistic take and educational manifesto designed to Millenials. The host is curating and introducing world-class documentary film selection under the weekly theme. The Host interviews guests (substance-driven specialists, scholars, researchers..) and shares the experience with the audience. The Social Television experience creates opportunity to express opinions, participate and share the personal opinions.
The main goal is to create social engagement: the audience is watching the weekly documentary together, discuss about the topic and learn & DO something new.
The first season of the series was aired on Yle TV2 in the autumn of 2013, and since then, the series has continued with a new season every autumn.

Finnish Emmy: Best Factual 2013 & 2014 + TV-event of the Year, Best Format of the Year, Best Social Media Content, Suomen Kuvalehti Journalist Award

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