Gimme Ya Wallet

Gimmeyawallet Productions Ltd is behind the award-winning, internationally acclaimed tv-productions Madventures, Sami Yaffa – Sound Tracker, Docventures & Mad Cook Show. The company's been producing content for international media such as Netflix, National Geographic, Scripps Network, Viacom, Sanoma and Bonnier.

Helsinki’s team of rebellious creators has an in-your-face track record: the reality travel show Madventures has been broadcasted in over 200 countries worldwide and sold more than 200.000 DVD's.

Sami Yaffa – Sound Tracker – a music documentary series beautifully shot & recorded in almost 20 countries across Asia, Africa, Americas and Europe – has been broadcasted in several countries and can be found in Netflix and in DVD in Germany 2016.

Docventures is an all-award-winning & engaging social television format with huge success on its network Yle. Combining a talkshow, feature documentaries and live events with Facebook & Twitter has created a huge following and has been "The Most Interesting Linear TV Show" in the age group of 18-44 years in Finland.

Mad Cook Show is taking a cooking show into the next level with witty journalism and a form of a comedy panel, launched on Nelonen in 2017.

Our other productions: Ina <3 Porno, Ina <3 Suomi, Heikelä syndrooma, Madventures Suomi, FOMO, Jaakko Keso, TLDR MAD, Riku Rantala & 100 kysymystä ilmastosta.

In it’s native Finland, the independent media house is also known for it’s best-selling non-fiction literature (Madventures Suomi - matkaopas, Mad Cook, Madventures maailmanselitys – Seikkailijan käsikirja kaikkeen, Madventures - Uusi kansainvälisen seikkailijan opas, Mad Manners, Mad World, Mad Success, Mad Music, Mad Spirit, Riku & Tunna: Survival Guide, Finland According to Madventures), live radio shows, keynote speaks and Scandinavia's largest YouTube event, Tubecon.

The talent and co-founder, a former harbour docker and crime journalist Riku Rantala was elected not only as the media person of the year but also Finland's sexiest man in 2014. Rantala and the co-founder, director & mastermind Tunna Milonoff have reached huge mainstream audiences by creating, developing and producing meaningful & rich factual content with their curious and frantic journalistic take. In 2017 they were given The Speaker of The Year Award for their inspirational keynotes.

The third Partner in crime, Elise Pietarila is not only an ex-biker and the executive producer of Gimmeyawallet but also one of the most respected visionnaires of social television and transmedia productions in Finland. As Gimmeyawallet's CEO and one of the founders of Tubecon, Pietarila has been ranked in the 100 most influental people in Finland, according to the business newspaper Kauppalehti. Her background is in economics and documentary filmmaking.

What else have we done:

Short film: Monte Rosso

  • 38" in Finnish
  • 2K / DVD with English subtitles
  • Production 2008 for Yle and The Finnish Film Fund

"Monte Rosso is an urban comedy with fresh and realistic dialogue, groovy sounds and a compelling story.

Eki (Manne Tainio) is only trying to chill and get high in a park after a long week at work. He even has a beautiful lady in sight, but a bicycle thief, debts to beefcake crooks and an empty bank account make things a lot more complicated than he was expecting.

With no money and in between all the hassle, getting a date and scoring some weed takes Eki toa thrilling ride on the streets of Helsinki."

Tuomo Lehtinen, Helsinki International Film Festival

Directed by Tuomas Milonoff & Jon Sundell
Produced by Riku Rantala
Screenplay by Jon Sundell
Cinematography by Hena Blomberg FCS
Edited by Jon Sundell
Music by Ercola, T.A. Kaukolampi, DJ Street Kobra & Vilunki 3000
Cast: Manne Tainio, Jani Tolin, Laura Sipiläinen, Aku Kihlberg & Jussi Piiroinen
Distributed by Gimmeyawallet


  • Madventures Suomi - matkaopas (2020, published by Johnny Kniga)
    Finland According to Madventures - A Travel Guide
  • Riku ja Tunna - Selvitymisopas (2018, published by Johnny Kniga)
    Riku & Tunna: Survival Guide - How to Stay Alive in a Changing World
  • Mad Spirit - Täydellisen juhlimisen opas (2017, published by Johnny Kniga)
    Mad Spirit - A Guidebook to Exemplary Partying
  • Mad Music (2016, published by Johnny Kniga)
  • Mad Success (2015, published by Johnny Kniga)
  • Madventuresin maailmanselitys – Seikkailijan käsikirja kaikkeen (2014, published by Johnny Kniga, part of Bonnier Books)
    The World According To Madventures – An Adventurer's Handbook Of Everything
  • Sami Yaffa – Sound Tracker (2014, published by Like, written by Tommi Liimatta, Otso Tiainen & Sami Yaffa)
  • Madventures – Uusi kansainvälisen seikkailijan opas (2013, published by Johnny Kniga)
    Madventures – International Adventurer's New Manual
  • Mad Manners – Seikkailijan etiketti (2012 Johnny Kniga)
    Mad Manners – An Adventurer's Etiquette
  • Mad World – Seikkailijan Atlas (2011 Johnny Kniga)
    Mad World – An Adventurer's Atlas
  • Mad Cook – Kulinaristinen seikkailukirja (2010 Johnny Kniga)
    Mad Cook – A Culinary Adventure
  • Madventures – Kansainvälisen seikkailijan opas (2007 Johnny Kniga)
    Madventures – International Adventurer's Manual