We are a Helsinki-based independent media production house. Our team of creators is behind award-winning and worldwide distributed tv-productions, narrative podcasts, cultural events, meaningful documentaries and non-fiction books,to name a few.

Our Work

About Us

An indie boutique production company with a profound impact

Riku Rantala and Tunna Milonoff, as founders and travelers, have reached substantial audiences through their creation, development, and production of meaningful factual content, distinguished by their unique journalistic approach.
The third partner in crime, CEO Elise Pietarila, is the showrunner behind all Gimmeyawallet’s productions. Her curiosity has led her to, for example, being named among the 100 most influential Finns.

Gimmeyawallet has a multimedia approach to creating factual content and true stories. Currently, the company’s focus is on TV productions, podcasts, transmedia formats, and feature documentary films, among other media concepts in production or development.

The company is working with all national broadcasters and streamers as well as publishers and brands. It’s documentary series have also been published worldwide, with almost 200 countries of distribution, including Sound Tracker (Netflix and Amazon Prime), Madventures (National Geographic and Travel Channel), and Ina <3 Porno (ProSieben and Japan TV).

Gimmeyawallet’s TV and documentary series, as well as its journalism, have received numerous acknowledgements, including 12 Finnish Emmys (Golden Venla awards), the Finnish State’s Prize for factual content, the Best Non-Fiction Format of the Year award, and a Grand Prize for Journalism. The team has also been honored with a Peace prize and recognized as ‘The Most Daring Entrepreneurs in Finland’.